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少兒英語口語練習:Safty and injuries 時間:2019-04-29

福建体彩31选7复式玩法 www.yrnmdd.com.cn   3-12歲兒童學英語,口語越來越受到重視,能擁有流利英語口語,能用英語準確表達孩子的所思所想,其實是體現少兒英語水平最明顯的方式之一。日常生活中,讓孩子盡量多使用英語、用已有英語知識的基礎上獲取未知英語知識,都是學習英語的好方法。下面是小編為您收集整理的少兒英語口語練習:Safty and injuries,供大家參考!

  少兒英語口語練習:Safty and injuries

  Safty and injuries(安全和受傷)

  It’s bad for you!(這對你不好。)

  I have told you many times not to do that。(我已經告訴你好幾遍了不要那樣做。)

  Don’t sit too close to the TV。(不要坐的離電視太近。)

  It’s nothing. It’s just a little cut。(不要緊,只是小傷口)

  Don’t touch the electrical outlets。(不要碰電源插座)

  Don’t try to plug/put anything in the outlet。(不要試圖拔或放任何東西在插座里。)

  Don’t touch anything on the stove。(不要碰爐子)

  The oven is very hot; you could burn yourself。(爐子很燙,你會燙著自己。)

  Those tools are too sharp; they’re only for grownups。(那些工具太鋒利了,只有大人能用)

  Don’t use others cup; you could catch his cold/germs that way。(不要用別人的杯子,那樣會傳染病菌)

  Don’t play with fire; it’s dangerous。(不要玩火,危險)

  Wait for the green light before you cross the street。(等綠燈亮了再過馬路)

  Always look both side before crossing the street. (過馬路前一定看兩邊。)

  少兒英語口語資料:south park

  Eric: Ah……….

  Doctor: Well, there is doubt about it. Those tonsils need to come out.

  Eric: What?

  Mom: What exactly does that just tell doctor?

  Doctor: It is a very simple operation. We will just put you into sleep Eric. When you wake up you will be tonsil free.

  Eric: No, no way. I am not going to the hospital Mom.

  Doctor: Oh, I thought you were a tough kid. You are not scared of hospitals, are you?

  Eric: No, I am not scared. I just, I don’t want my tonsils out. That’s all.

  Doctor: Well, then I guess you don’t want all the ice creams you’ll get after surgery either.

  Eric: Ice cream?

  Doctor: It’s pretty ashamed that I have to give all that free ice creams to the big boys who aren’t scared of hospitals.

  Mom: What do you say Jim, you think you can tough it out?

  Eric: Well, you did say free ice cream?

  Mom: Hi, Snookums wake up, wake up honey.

  Eric: Ah, it’s, it’s over?

  Mom: That’s right. You did it, snookums

  Eric: It’s over. I didn’t feel anything. You are right, Mom.

  Mom: I am so proud of you, Eric.

  Eric: Alright, where is ice cream?


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